Student Gallery
These projects have been made in class by our students

Grace made this beautiful window which measures almost 4 foot by 4 foot.
Janice and Grace bot worked on this project together. It was the second window they made and measures 4 foot wide.
Cheryl's Peacock window stands 4 foot tall and took 1st place at the 2009 Shrimp & Petrolium Festival.
Janice has this window alternating with a similar design along the 2nd floor of the front of her house.
This Fish window was done by Fran and remains one of my favorite pieces by her.
Gerald made this set of 3 windows for his living room.
Jane's Birdhouse window shows a wonderful use of color and has gotten many comments since it was made.
Gerald designed this window himself and I'm sorry I didn't make it myself!
Ellen made this variation of my Victorian Window design and her color scheme turned out better than mine did.
This was one of Cheryl's first big projects and she still says she had a great time making it. She even managed to sell this one quickly which shouldn't surprise anyone.
Jane's version of Tiffany's Peony Lamp. A classic.
Jane wanted to do something Spiritual and this fit the bill.
This was Christine's first window and was based on a painting that she had done a few years ago.
One of Cheryl's LSU windows. The tiger eyes are piercing!
Sheila made this lovely Orchid Window with some wonderful art glass. Just look at the colors in her flower.
This is the second window that alternates with a similar window on this page on Janice's house. She really picked some stunning designs.
Cheryl wanted to do a bear and a cub and I have to say that it all came together perfectly.
This is Mary Lynn's Spiritual Window. There's a lot of work in this and it really shows.
Ellen's Clematis lamp is another winner. She's made a few lamps on her own now also.
Jane made this Trellis & Morning Glories Window after she saw the one I made. This window requires perfect grinding or else the lines get wobbley and the weaving effect of the trellis is ruined.

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